Jonny Weekender Vegan Condom 6 Pack


Naked is a five-letter word. So is Jonny. Coincidence? We think not. Jonny is there with you between the sheets, making your good times even better.

Respect yourself,  you’re in control. Don’t ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable, especially when it comes to sex.

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A weekend away! How romantic! See the sights, hold hands, go full throttle on PDA but don’t forget your faithful third wheel, the Jonny Weekender.

  • Each Jonny comes with a Fab Little Bag for discreet and easy disposal
  • Natural colour rubber latex condoms
  • Vegan friendly
  • 53mm straight form with reservoir end
  • Lubricated (no nasty toxins)
  • Smooth, thin (but strong) texture
  • Double washed & smells clean
  • All pricing shown in AUD (and includes taxes if applicable)

Sex is all about respect and respect is a two-way street. Be kind, warm and welcoming. Give compliments, maybe a back rub, and be Big Spoon every now and then.

Respect Mother Nature, we’ve got a whole world to run around and have sex in – let’s not trash it. In fact, disposing of Jonny couldn’t be easier: each Jonny comes with a biodegradable Fab Little Bag.

Be a lover not a flusher.

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